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HP 3-letnie wsparcie sprzętowe w następnym dniu roboczym u klienta z bezpłatnym dojazdem i zachowaniem uszkodzonych nośników dla komputerów przenośnych

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HP 3-letnie wsparcie sprzętowe w następnym dniu roboczym u klienta z bezpłatnym dojazdem i zachowaniem uszkodzonych nośników dla komputerów przenośnych, 3 lat(a), Następny dzień roboczy (NDR)

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Support around the world

In most places work takes you, chances are we’ll be there too, with onsite support available in more than 80 countries across the globe.


Onsite support, where you are

When hardware issues require in-person support, HP is there - even when you're far from home. We'll be there the next business day to get you up and running and back to business.


Support you can count on

Know that your hardware will be good as new as soon as possible thanks to our knowledgeable expertise and efficient service and support.


Stay in control of your data

You retain possession of failed storage media, so you can securely dispose of or archive it in a way that helps meet your security standards or industry requirements.


Opis techniczny

Access to reliable support is just as important when you're travelling as when you're in the office - maybe even more so. With HP Next Business Day Onsite Hardware Support for Travelers with Defective Media Retention, you can depend on convenient next-business-day onsite response time in many countries around the world.[1] When dealing with defective storage media, you maintain control of your sensitive data.


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